Arduina - AdMA research on monoculture forest ecologies

In the working forest – Who are the observers?
A closer look into non-human agency in monoculture forest plantations.

Ontology of shapes - DADA ISSUES

A real-life improvisation experiment that draws inspiration from absurdism and unpredicted encounters to question the grids of society, politics, capitalism and human ethics.

A place to leave words

This is a pirate pad created to park your words in case you want to share something with potentially reflective voids.

ongoing research

September 28, 2021

I am inviting you to walk into a room. Once the buttons are pressed, the door clicks open.
The room is virtual, ambiguous and created by the protagonist -{ ƒ(‘I’) = ∫ first person vs. the other(s) }-  to collect and share happenings and memories through their visual, sonic and textual remnants. By some, the room is called an archive, others address it as a portfolio or a website.

The maker, I, reflects on her position in this room.

Currently, I am involved in multiple streams of individual and co-creative working forms. My work has an open ended, research based approach. For me, concept informs the medium. Therefore I work with film, graphic design, performance and sound.

We're in the process of the process. We are already becoming worlding getting somewhere

w/ LOVE,



turbo collective is an interdisciplinary group of four artists that share an interest in collaborative improvisation.

Read about their performances here.

tendon chamber is an audiovisual collaboration between Vicky De Visser and Jacob Maskell-Key. Both as performers and lovers, they research how private sexuality can be publicly shared and experienced. What are the limits and what possibilities surface when making their sexuality public?

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non bull beats is a strictly vegan label, not only ensuring our music is animal product free but also ethically sourced. Will we overcome factory farmed songwriting? We’re shedding the microwaved idea of individual aliases as we invite artists to remove their fur and take on a “nom du plum(e)”

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There were three bottles half emptied by the firemen down the road. Left there to swallow up the dregs and frozen by their accompanied armed swans with lasers. A blue eyed man passing mistook us for a tree. One two tree. Tree trunk five. Bottles falling over, hit by flying cars swimming under shallow dark mudded panties. Swift undecided beings looked pretty determined to meander unwillingly to their fatal end.


We also don’t know what DADA ISSUES is.

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Les autres nous voient

On &/ Off the grid

Bosque curado Amsterdam

Bosque curado Amsterdam


darkling skin explores the materiality of latex in its multiple shape shifting presences.

We make wearable matter through collaborative production and aim to establish a fully ecological making process.
Coming from different artistic backgrounds, we collaborate as a group in search to discover new production methods.

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I’m in the process of making a walking guide, a spell book, a ritual instruction, a collection of focus shifting propositions.

The walking route is based on the GR 16, a century old path which follows the Belgian Semois river.

Follow the process here.


On &/ Off the grid

Bosque curado Amsterdam


paroah is Vicky De Visser’s alias for all things music. As a DJ she throws curveball after curveball, paroah’s selection is top level game of defensive, high rpm table tennis. That is, if the ball was your brain, and the expertly controlled, spin-imparting bats were unrelentingly fresh waves of acid, trap and techno.

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Album release on Free Shit:
Do You Have A Fever? Is the symptomatic result of a voluntary meeting between long and short time cohorts. The result? A positive display of non-contemplation recorded in one take.

Download the album here.


“Vicky De Visser (1991) is a Belgian born, Amsterdam based multidisciplinary maker.

Her research practice is anchored in socio-political contexts, embraces ecological thinking, questions the semantics of materiality, and has an interest in the formation and decline of communitas through movement and improvisation.

Concerned with human and nonhuman conflict and connection, she actively engages in codependent research and making  methodologies. Her performances often rely on audience participation both on stage and in public spaces.

Prefered media are moving image, dance, sound, photography and graphic design. She is currently experimenting with critical fabulation to weave different epistemologies together.

De Visser achieved her BA in Art History (2012) at the Catholic University of Leuven, BA in Graphic design (2016) and a Master in Audiovisual Performance Art (2018) at Sint Lucas University College of Art and Design Antwerp, where she was granted The Lucas Award for her thesis ‘Rituals for Audiovisual Performances’. She also participated in the preparatory year for Mime (2019) at the Academy for Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam.

Most recently, she graduated as part of the research team at the Advanced Master of Research in Art and Design (2021) at Sint Lucas University College of Art and Design Antwerp.