turbo collective

Turbo collective is an interdisciplinary group of four artists that share an interest in collaborative improvisation.


The possibility of being anonymous on the internet has advantages and disadvantages. We are able to share without immediate and visible consequences. By assigning a face that is recognisable by the audience (themselves, a friend, a neighbour) to an anonymous text, we question the difference between the anonymity of the internet and sharing opinions in real life. The audience is confronted with a story linked to a picture of their own face taken before the performance.

In a shapeshift transformation, visitors received the leading role of performer while still being the audience at the same time.

Performed at:
2019 – R. Mutt exhibition and festival, De Ruimte, Amsterdam.
2020 – 02022020.space, performance festival, Leiden.

Turbo collective is:
Annelie Koning, Amber Rijcken, Jullie Kurris and Vicky De Visser.