The Science-Art Slam is a series of events where scientists and artists meet, and stories – about stars, planets, particles, cells and more – leave the lab to become inspiration for musicians, dancers, visual artists, poets…
The topic of this evening was:
Three astrophysicists: Abigail Stevens, Daniele Gaggero and David Gardenier shared their research stories about some of the strangest objects in the Universe, from black holes and neutron stars to supernova explosions and other, mysterious bursts of light in the sky!
These stories were re-interpreted using improvisation by:
Sarah Claman – violin
Andreas Kühne – drums
Pau Sola Masafrets – cello
Renato Ferreira – double bass & saxophone
Vicky De Visser – VJ & live projections
Curated by Claudia Mignone

2017 -Science Art Slam at MixTree, OT301, Amsterdam.

Image credit: SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey, Wide Field Astronomy Unit, Royal Observatory Edinburgh