momentary zine

Hackers & Designers installed an open walk-in publishing station at Zinefest Berlin. This publishing station invites to co-create and examine editorial design matters such as cross-media publishing. Using a thermal printer (receipt printer) as a point of departure the visitors will be the subject of the accumulating publication and simultaneously active content providers.

Thermo print has the characteristic of vanishing after a while. With an easy hack of the printer software we will capture the temporality and actuality of the event and printed matter as such. The zine content will be exclusively accumulated verbally, by speaking into a microphone. With text to speech technology the spoken word translates to text. Simultaneously an algorithm will run an automized image search on google, grabbing some of the words randomly and adding them to the zine.

2015 – Zinefest at Attac Berlin

Coding by James Bryan Graves, design by Anja Groten and Vicky De Visser. Concept by Vicky De Visser.