ndsm welcome center

In the NDSM Welcome Center, situated at the previous NDSM shipwharf, work by artists and makers from the ‘broedplaats’ is exhibited and sold. It is also functions as an information center and contact point for visitors.

The Welcome center was developed by the NDSM Expo pop-up stores which were realized by Stichting Art City NDSM under the leadership of Sarah Payton in 2014 and 2015.

Stichting Kinetisch Noord, owner and manager of the NDSMloods, started in 2016 with the construction of the striking orange building with the round windows.

The building was designed by Apto architects after an idea and model by Jeroen Bisscheroux. It has become an extroverted building that makes visitors laugh and invites interaction.

On the ground floor of this “Lego block”, the Welcome Center has been given a permanent space for the promotion and exhibition of work produced in the studios of the Broedplaats.

Expo store development, design, administration and curation by Vicky De Visser.

Idea of Sarah Payton and Art City NDSM. Financially supported by Stichting Kinetisch Noord.