NDSM open

NDSM OPEN is an annual open studio day in Europe’s largest breeding ground organised by NDSM Art City, with more than 80 studio’s hosting around 200 artists, craftsmen and creative makers.

We invite guests to enjoy open studios, art, craft, guided tours, a children’s program, workshops, exhibitions, art routes, an NDSM open call route, music, food and drinks.

During the  2018 edition a parade led by a brass band travelled over the NDSM-wharf and through the NDSM-warehouse to pick up everyone from their studios, and took them to the central square of the art city for an evening full of music and dance followed by concerts by the Afrogrooves collective, The Zebra Street Band and DJ Radikal Rupert.

Program and production: Vicky De Visser
Production: Noaji Fells

The event was supported by:
NDSM Art City, NDSMloods, Stichting NDSM-werf, De Toekomst, NDSM-fuse, and IJVER.