SKÈR, De Ruimte and Lolaland provide live music, dance, performance and visual art in times of corona.

You are safe with our guides. After sunset, they will lead you and other visitors in your Block from the beach to Lolaland, for four short performances in all corners in and around the venue.

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September 19th, 2020. From 20:00 at Lolaland.

The guides:
Dinu Comendant
Temporary tone
Olga Middendorp
Ilona Westrik
Eva mcSkate

Program by:
Bart Verbunt
Roos Brouwer
Vicky De Visser

Production by:
Vicky De Visser
Bart Verbunt
Suzan Huppes

Design by:
Vicky De Visser

Opening ceremony:
Julie & Eltjo Felix de Graaf

The artists / performers:
Lev Avitan
Julie Kurris
Dick Huppes
Lena van Drie
Maringo Berenos
ZEA and Oscar Jan Hoogland
DJ Mariam