The Science-Art Slam is a series of events where scientists and artists meet, and stories – about stars, planets, particles, cells and more – leave the lab to become inspiration for musicians, dancers, visual artists, poets…
The topic of this evening was:
Three astrophysicists: Abigail Stevens, Daniele Gaggero and David Gardenier shared their research stories about some of the strangest objects in the Universe, from black holes and neutron stars to supernova explosions and other, mysterious bursts of light in the sky!
These stories were re-interpreted using improvisation by:
Sarah Claman – violin
Andreas Kühne – drums
Pau Sola Masafrets – cello
Renato Ferreira – double bass & saxophone
Vicky De Visser – VJ & live projections
Curated by Claudia Mignone

2017 -Science Art Slam at MixTree, OT301, Amsterdam.

Image credit: SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey, Wide Field Astronomy Unit, Royal Observatory Edinburgh


Instant Soundtracks: Flux + Mutability

Instant Soundtracks was a series of events that took place in the cinema of MixTree. Valiant improviser musicians played with/against visual shards manipulated in real time by a voracious VJ.
Outrageous avantgarde results were certainly guaranteed!


2016 – Mixtree, OT301, Amsterdam

Vicky De Visser – Vj
Giuseppe Doronzo – Baritone sax
Salvoandrea Lucifora – Trombone
Gábor Hartyáni – Cello
Tristan Renfrow – Drums




Paroah is one of Vicky De Visser’s performative alter egos. Under this name she will release an audiovisual album that combines spoken word, field recordings and hypnotic repetitive drumming with filmed and performed footage. The conceptual focus of this project lies in researching the transcendental and cathartic state in rituals. Online release of the album is planned in autumn 2020.


turbo collective

turbo collective

Turbo collective is an interdisciplinary group of four artists that share an interest in collaborative improvisation.


The possibility of being anonymous on the internet has advantages and disadvantages. We are able to share without immediate and visible consequences. By assigning a face that is recognisable by the audience (themselves, a friend, a neighbour) to an anonymous text, we question the difference between the anonymity of the internet and sharing opinions in real life. The audience is confronted with a story linked to a picture of their own face taken before the performance.

In a shapeshift transformation, visitors received the leading role of performer while still being the audience at the same time.

Performed at:
2019 – R. Mutt exhibition and festival, De Ruimte, Amsterdam.
2020 –, performance festival, Leiden.

Turbo collective is:
Annelie Koning, Amber Rijcken, Jullie Kurris and Vicky De Visser.

Ways in which we hear

ways in which we hear

Ways in which we hear is a series on visual translation and interpretation of auditive improvised narratives.

Interested in the direct relation between sound and image,
this ongoing project researches how listening affects the viewers’ gaze and the ever present desire to create narrative.
Source material is used from personal field recordings, recorded while listening to music, and is translated to the on-the-spot improvised music by live image and video mixing.

Performed at
2018 – Mixtree, OT301, Amsterdam.
2019 – Oooh festival, De Ruimte, Amsterdam.
2020 – Mixtural, Zaal100, Amsterdam.

Original video material originates from personal dance registrations around museal objects at Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.



As part of WhyNot’s research into the relationship between body, movement and (urban) nature, choreographer Dereck Cayla and photographer Angela Lidderdale were invited to reflect on this topic. In a series of movement workshops, Dereck led the participants to a dance improvisation, in dialogue with the natural elements, while Angela captured their movements.

A selection of the photos was printed and distributed throughout Amsterdam from 24 June – 7 July as a mini-expo.

Participants: Vera Goetzee, Charlotte Glastra van Loon, Cees Walburgh Schmidt, Angelique de lange, Elke Jacobs, Ria van Teeffelen, Dengling Levine, Jasmijn Antonisse, Charlotte Mathiessen, Hanny Sjaarda, Vicky De Visser



Pvdp – or partij van de pijl – is a fictuous political party founded by Luuk Janssens and Vicky De Visser. 

It includes a fictual manifest, a campaign and a performative intervention.

Performance by Vicky De Visser.

Concept and Design by Luuk Janssens and Vicky De Visser.

Photography by Luuk Janssens.