SKÈR, De Ruimte and Lolaland provide live music, dance, performance and visual art in times of corona.

You are safe with our guides. After sunset, they will lead you and other visitors in your Block from the beach to Lolaland, for four short performances in all corners in and around the venue.

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September 19th, 2020. From 20:00 at Lolaland.

The guides:
Dinu Comendant
Temporary tone
Olga Middendorp
Ilona Westrik
Eva mcSkate

Program by:
Bart Verbunt
Roos Brouwer
Vicky De Visser

Production by:
Vicky De Visser
Bart Verbunt
Suzan Huppes

Design by:
Vicky De Visser

Opening ceremony:
Julie & Eltjo Felix de Graaf

The artists / performers:
Lev Avitan
Julie Kurris
Dick Huppes
Lena van Drie
Maringo Berenos
ZEA and Oscar Jan Hoogland
DJ Mariam

NDSM welcome center

ndsm welcome center

In the NDSM Welcome Center, situated at the previous NDSM shipwharf, work by artists and makers from the ‘broedplaats’ is exhibited and sold. It is also functions as an information center and contact point for visitors.

The Welcome center was developed by the NDSM Expo pop-up stores which were realized by Stichting Art City NDSM under the leadership of Sarah Payton in 2014 and 2015.

Stichting Kinetisch Noord, owner and manager of the NDSMloods, started in 2016 with the construction of the striking orange building with the round windows.

The building was designed by Apto architects after an idea and model by Jeroen Bisscheroux. It has become an extroverted building that makes visitors laugh and invites interaction.

On the ground floor of this “Lego block”, the Welcome Center has been given a permanent space for the promotion and exhibition of work produced in the studios of the Broedplaats.

Expo store development, design, administration and curation by Vicky De Visser.

Idea of Sarah Payton and Art City NDSM. Financially supported by Stichting Kinetisch Noord.

NDSM open

NDSM open

NDSM OPEN is an annual open studio day in Europe’s largest breeding ground organised by NDSM Art City, with more than 80 studio’s hosting around 200 artists, craftsmen and creative makers.

We invite guests to enjoy open studios, art, craft, guided tours, a children’s program, workshops, exhibitions, art routes, an NDSM open call route, music, food and drinks.

During the  2018 edition a parade led by a brass band travelled over the NDSM-wharf and through the NDSM-warehouse to pick up everyone from their studios, and took them to the central square of the art city for an evening full of music and dance followed by concerts by the Afrogrooves collective, The Zebra Street Band and DJ Radikal Rupert.

Program and production: Vicky De Visser
Production: Noaji Fells

The event was supported by:
NDSM Art City, NDSMloods, Stichting NDSM-werf, De Toekomst, NDSM-fuse, and IJVER.


Blend is a reoccurring event that invites two artists to mix and blend into one exhibition. The events started from the growing need to present work from the breeding ground at NDSMloods, called NDSM art city, to a growing amount of visitors. 

Curation and production by Vicky De Visser.

Supported by Stichting Kinetisch Noord.