art direction

“Vicky De Visser (1991) is a Belgian born, Amsterdam based multidisciplinary maker.

Her research practice is anchored in socio-political contexts, embraces ecological thinking, questions the semantics of materiality, and has an anthropological interest in the formation and decline of communitas through movement and improvisation (re:inter/acting to the unforeseen through memory and initiation).

Concerned with human and nonhuman conflict and connection, she actively engages in codependent (entangled) research and making  methodologies. Her performances often rely on audience participation (human and nonhuman) both on stage and in public spaces.

Prefered media are moving image, dance, sound, photography and graphic design. She is currently experimenting with critical fabulation to weave different epistemologies together.

De Visser achieved her BA in Art History (2012) at the Catholic University of Leuven, BA in Graphic design (2016) and a Master in Audiovisual Performance Art (2018) at Sint Lucas University College of Art and Design Antwerp, where she was granted The Lucas Award for her thesis ‘Rituals for Audiovisual Performances’. She also participated in the preparatory year for Mime (2019) at the Academy for Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam.

Most recently, she graduated as part of the research team at the Advanced Master of Research in Art and Design (2021) at Sint Lucas University College of Art and Design Antwerp.

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